Savin is your investment partner rooted in Amsterdam.

We navigate and exploit volatility in creating value and growing wealth.

“We believe that in uncertain times and volatile market conditions, investors will benefit from non-directional trading strategies and strategies that exploit volatility for strong returns.”

SAVIN Multi-Strategy Arbitrage Fund

A quantamental approach to portfolio construction


Targeting >8% returns (net of fees).


By employing complementary arbitrage strategies we strive for positive returns in all market conditions.

Portfolio Diversifier

Uncorrelated returns with equity markets and the ability to profit from volatility.

Capital Preservation

A continuous hedge of our tail-risk ensures capital preservation in unsettled markets.

“Savin adds downside protection, the ability to profit from volatility and returns not correlated with general market direction.”

SAVIN Multi-Strategy Arbitrage Fund
A’DAM Tower
Overhoeksplein 1
1031 KS Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 (0) 20 2044 593

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